Dr. Scott Rubenstein's Custom Foot Orthotics and why you need them!

Dr. Scott Rubenstein uses the most advanced digital scanning system to fabricate your custom foot orthotics. The PedAlign digital scanning system allows Dr. Rubenstein to precisely map the structure of your feet. Custom foot orthotics are often first line therapy to treat the pain associated with bunions, heel and arch pain, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and many other foot ailments. 

Will the orthotics fit into my shoes?

I try to make my patients one pair of orthotics that will fit into most of your shoes; this will allow you to wear them almost all the time.  The more that you wear your orthotics, the more they will help you to walk comfortably. In addition, there are specific orthotics that can be made for women’s dress shoes, running shoes, and even ski boots!


What type of orthotics will I need?

If you are a runner or athlete, I will make you a more durable sport orthotic.  Dress shoes require a thinner narrower orthotic to allow you to fit them comfortably into your dress shoes. For diabetic and geriatric patients, I will usually recommend an orthotic that gives adequate support but is also very cushioned.

How will I know if my orthotics are working?

If you are having foot pain from heel spurs, plantar fasciitis (arch pain), tendonitis, bunions, and hammertoes you will begin to feel relief very quickly.  Orthotics are often used to prevent the progression of certain foot deformities such as bunions and you will notice that they are slowing the progression of your bunions over a longer period.

Do you make orthotics for children?

Orthotics are recommended for children that are having foot pain or if they have specific walking issues such as an in-toed gait.  I make orthotics for children as early as age 3.

How long will my orthotics last?

Typically, orthotics last about 3 years, however, the duration depends on the type of activities that you are using them for.  It is recommended to order new orthotics periodically as the shape of your feet will also change over time.

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Dr Scott Rubenstein Board Certified Podiatrist - Foot Surgeon

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