Fungal Nails and Laser treatment

Dr. Scott Rubenstein has many treatment options to treat fungal toenails. One of the most advanced treatment options is a YAG laser.  The YAG laser allows Dr. Rubenstein to eradicate ugly and painful fungal nails in just two painless treatments.

How can I get rid of my thickened ugly fungal toenails?

Conservative treatment for fungal nails includes routine office visits at 8 weeks intervals.  During your visit I will carefully cut and mechanically file your nails to reduce the thickness.  Treatment is simple, effective, and not painful.  The treatment will help the appearance of your nails and allow topical medications to penetrate the nail plate more efficiently. I will usually recommend an over the counter or prescription antifungal solution to apply to your nails between office visits.

YAG Laser treatment for fungal toenails?

The YAG laser has been proven effective to kill the fungus in toenails.  The laser treatment for nails is completed in the office without pain and without the need for any local anesthesia. The procedure takes approximately 20-30 minutes. During the procedure the patient may feel a little warmth in the treated area but no pain.  There is no downtime and patients can resume normal activities immediately.  Like other treatments, the full effect of the laser treatment is seen as the fungal nail grows forward  and is replaced by a new healthy nail plate.  There are no risks associated with the YAG laser and it has proven to be highly effective in the elimination of nail fungus with no side effects.

Are there any prescription medications for fungal nails?

Lamisil (Terbinafine) tablets are commonly prescribed to treat fungal nails however there are risks associated with taking this medication.  Dr. Rubenstein will review your individual risk before deciding together on the proper treatment plan for you.

Can over the counter remedies work to eradicate fungal toenails?

Over the counter topical medications such as Tea Tree oil can have moderate antifungal effect when applied to the nail plate.  Most homeopathic topical applications have not been studied enough to know their true efficacy.

I have Diabetes; are fungal nails dangerous to my health?

If you are a Diabetic patient, fungal nails can create associated health issues.  Thickened fungal nails can increase the pressure that your shoes apply to the nail plate creating inflammation and pain.  This pressure can also create ingrown nails which can become infected with bacteria.  Bacterial infections in Diabetic patients can potentially lead to the need for more invasive treatment and even amputation.  It is important to visit Dr Rubenstein on a regular basis if you are a Diabetic patient to prevent complications from fungal nails.


How will I know if the treatment to kill the nail fungus is working?

Regardless of how we decide to treat your fungal nails, as the treatment works you will begin to see a much healthier, thinner, clearer nail plate growing from the cuticle.  It usually takes about 6 months for the nails to grow fully from the cuticle to the tip of your toe however other health factors can influence on the timing.

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